A sophisticated way brewing coffee

25-30 Sec
18-21 Gr
25-30 Gr 200°


  • Coffee
  • Espresso machine
  • Demitasse
  • Double basket, bottomless portafilter
  • Tamper
  • Timer
  • Grinder
  • Scale



Espresso is a type of coffee drink where hot water is pushed through finely-ground coffee beans to extract the coffee's concentrated flavor. It's the foundation of many popular coffeehouse drinks like cappuccinos and lattes, and it's full of flavor, strong, and concentrated.


step 1

Take out the portafilter and put it away; the grouphead is ready for use. Put it on a scale and subtract the weight of the scale.


step 2

Use hot water to thoroughly flush out your grouphead.


step 3

The ideal amount of coffee will depend on the size of the basket. A well-balanced, flavorful shot of espresso relies heavily on the accuracy of the grind. It's possible that some fine-tuning is needed. The grind should typically be fairly fine.


step 4

Spread the coffee out by making a series of alternating swipes with your finger across it.ost efficiently, switch sides at intervals of 90 degrees (top to bottom, then left to right, and so on).


step 5

Arrange the portafilter in a flat, clean area, then set the tamper directly on top of the coffee grinds.Press down on the tamper without pressing your palm into its base. You don't have to tamp very hard—just enough to evenly seal in the coffee. Twenty to thirty pounds of force should be enough. Rotate the tamper slowly. This will make the ground smooth, or polish, so the extraction will be even.


step 6

Prepare the shot by inserting the portafilter into the grouphead. The shot will thicken and begin blonding, or becoming yellow, as the extraction process winds down just before the 30-second mark. Just as this is about to start, pause the filming. After pulling a shot, some people like to give it a little swirl, while others prefer to take their first taste immediately. As for how you want to proceed, that's up to you. A glass of sparkling water is included with each serving.


step 7

After pulling a shot, some people like to give it a quick swirl to distribute the ingredients evenly, while others prefer to take a quick gulp and enjoy the full range of flavors. In the end, it's up to you to decide. For the back, we use sparkling water.Enjoy your drink!